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The revolution starts at the tree


Pomologik is a craft cider collective that strives to bring out the best of the Nordic apples 

The cider revolution is happening here and now, and it is Johan Sjöstedt, Oskar Palm & Patrik Svensk from Strängnäs who are at the forefront with their sustainable and award-winning company Pomologik.


Positive change takes teamwork

It’s why we collaborate with local partners, friends, and nonprofits to multiply our efforts and working to be a better company, every day. 

From orchard to bottle, we put care and thought into every step along the way. Our process is about more than the cider we create. It is about the people that make it happen. So any time you enjoy our ciders, you’re helping to make our community a more sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant place. 


Terroir, vintage and varietal

Through low intervention and organic fruit we strive to make crisp, clear, unique and accessible ciders that can elevate the gastronomic and social experience.


Apples are at the core of everything we do. Our goal is to highlight beautiful apple flavors and aromas in our ciders. The process starts and ends with 100% fresh-pressed apple juice.

No water, no concentrates, and minimal intervention.​​

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