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Earth forward focus to reduce environmental impact


As one of Scandinavias leading organic craft cider producer, we have a responsibility and we can make a difference.


We actively seek to minimize and offset our impact on the environment by using an earth forward focus within our business to reduce our environmental impact. Renewable electricity is an important element in our strategy to curve and reduce electricity reliance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. That's why we make continuous improvements to optimize energy use at all levels. 


All the electricity we use comes from renewable sources, in March 2023 we installed solar panels at our production facility Pomologik SYD and our facility Pomologik Krutbruket is since August 2022 powered by renewable hydropower to reduce our electricity consumption.

Hornudden 28 kopiera.jpg

The goal is to be a fossil-free business and reduce the climate impact in the entire value chain.


Our business requires transports to function. Apples and trade goods must be delivered to our warehouses and production facilities and products must reach our customers. Efficient use of resources and reduced climate impact are priority areas in our operations.

The work to reduce emissions from transport also includes employees movements to more sustainable options and we seek to modernize.

Our deliveries to customers take place entirely on renewable fuel, which generates up to 90 percent less emissions compared to fossil diesel. 

Efficient transport is as important as good fuels to reduce emissions.  Team members who visit our customers and suppliers around the country account for the majority of our business trips. We are working to reduce these emissions. We promote train travel within Sweden, carpooling, public transport and that cars can run on renewable electricity and fuels.​​​

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