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The ciderlogic of Pomologik


For us, the apple is the Nordic equivalent of the grape.

But without local fruit there is no real cider. By using wild apples from abandoned plantations and Swedish apples from sustainable growers we want more people to discover cider made from 100% Swedish apples. After all, the cider revolution starts at the tree.


If you've ever ordered a drink called cider in Sweden, chances are it wasn't real cider. It was perhaps rather an alcoholic soft drink, with as little as 15% apple cider. The rest is carbonated water, synthetic, artificial flavors and rubbish. We want to change that.


Confusing? Yes! But for Pomologik, it's very simple: a craft cider must contain 100% fruit, nothing else.


Johan Sjöstedt​​​​​

Cidermaker & pomologist

15% apple juice is the minimum limit that the Swedish regulations have specified for a drink to be called cider. And since alcoholic beverages do not have to have a list of ingredients, it is not easy for consumers to know what the content actually is. 

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